Before starting to make a lure, you will need the following tools:


- 1 Cutter

- 1 Wood saw

- 1 small pair of wire cutters

- Pumice paper

- Epoxy

- Wood (here balsa wood)

- Piano string

- Lead (optional)

- Plexiglas / Aluminium foil / Paints and varnishes


The first step is to make the pattern of the lure you wish to make, i.e. draw on a sheet of paper, at the right dimensions, the shape of the lure, in profile and in top view.


The second step results in placing the pattern on the wooden board you have selected, and cutting more or less roughly the shape of our hard lure, then trimming the corners and sanding the whole thing.


We are now at step 3, draw and hollow out the notch for the bib, then cut it out of the plexiglass plate. Then, using the wooden saw, separate the lure into two identical parts in order to slide the piano wire hooks frame inside.

Close the whole thing by sliding a point of epoxy glue inside, the result should look like this.

PS: note that it is possible to add lead balls at this stage to ballast the lure or make it noisy.

Last step, after letting it dry, you just have to paint the lure, add aluminium if you want a "reflective" side, varnish the lure and add the bib. All you have to do is go and try it!