2019 dates for trout fishing

For freshwater of 1st category, the opening and closing dates for fishing are the same throughout France:

The second Saturday in March for the opening, Saturday, March 9, 2019;

The 3rd Sunday of September for the closing, i.e. Sunday 15 September 2019


The conditions are as follows: 

The temperature is fundamental during a fishing trip. Weather that is too cold or too hot should be avoided and we will favour mild and calm weather for trout.


The stronger the current is, the more difficult it will be for us to fish correctly and to locate the fish because trout position themselves in such a way that they can easily catch prey without losing energy.


The colour of the water will dictate the general colour of the lure. We must always keep in mind that our lure must be seen as prey without blinding or frightening the fish. As a general rule, we will try to offer a lure colour closest to the colour of the water and sometimes we will try something new if we feel it is necessary to do so.


The size of the lures will be determined according to the size of the forage fish: minnows, bleak or trout, but sometimes we will be able to increase the size, especially in cold periods and decrease it in warm periods.


The spots:

The trout has behaviors according to the seasons and the capacity of the river to generate nutritional posts and refuges.


All the bulky elements within the river such as branches, stones, roots and hollow banks are to be fished at certain times of the season while sand or pebble beaches, entrances or pool ends will be done at other times.


In general, if the water temperature is below 10°C or above 18°C, trout tend to stay close to their hiding place, whereas if the water temperature is between 10 and 18°C, trout are very easy to get out of their hiding place to "hunt".

The equipment:

The ideal is to have ultra-light equipment in order to be able to launch with precision small lures but a light rod will largely do the trick, one favours it. Nylon 0,12. 

Small waving spoons of 3.5G are a sure value.

The "Notorious" micro cranckbaits from Pikers are also excellent compromises as well as all our small swimming fish of about 5 centimeters.

Here a beautiful trout caught with the Fartex 70 from Pikers Shop.


Pikers Tips :

Clear water, sunny weather: natural hues such as minnow, roach. (and transparent !! )

Clear water in dull weather: natural shades imitating turtledoves, minnows, roach, etc...

Tinted water in sunny weather : fluo, white and contrasting colours.

Water tinted in dull weather : fluo, yellow, black tints ...

Cold water in sunny weather : bluish, purple and golden shimmering sides.

Cold water in dull weather: bluish tints and shimmering silvery sides.

Warm water in sunny weather: golden hues, copper brown and black.

Warm water in gloomy weather: silvery shades, white and metallic reflections.