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Located in a hidden valley on the west coast of Greenland, the Kangia River is known to fly fishermen as Greenland's premier river for catching Arctic char.Overview :

The Kangia River Lodge in Greenland is majestically situated on a high cliff overlooking the estuary of Kangia Fjord and the mouth of the river. 

The strong runs of Arctic charr that venture down this river seasonally have remained a well-kept secret among local fishermen and a few adventurous fly fishermen who have made the pilgrimage to Kangia in search of some of Greenland's largest charr. 

Fishing for these fish has improved considerably following the ban on commercial fishing in the area.

Fishing :

The west coast of Greenland is bordered by spectacular fjords and is inhabited by at least 15 species of whales and a wide range of other wildlife. 

During the summer season coinciding with our operations, you can easily encounter humpback whales cruising in the open coastal waters. 

Unlike other places in the area, Kangia Arctic Char average well over 2 kg, and we usually catch fish weighing 3-4 kg.Arctic Char are a strong fighter and will put on a show that will leave seasoned fishermen amazed. 

Lodging :

Kangia River Lodge is situated on a plateau in the delta of the majestic Kangia River and offers spectacular views.

 It is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay during a week of fishing. 

The lodge can accommodate up to 12 anglers at a time. 

The bedrooms consist of a total of six rooms, each containing a bunk bed that can accommodate two anglers. The main lodge has two toilets, two showers, a fully equipped kitchen, a brand new bar and lounge as well as a spacious dining room overlooking the river. 

The veranda at the front of the lodge with its view of the river mouth and the valley below, is the perfect place to have a drink after fishing and share good times with your friends.

In addition to the main lodge, there is a small satellite camp located 2.7 km upstream that offers anglers a comfortable resting place in one of our fishing spots. 

This camp is an excellent starting point for anglers who wish to fish the middle and upper sections of the river. To make your hike there as easy as possible, you can leave your waders and boots at the satellite camp and walk to and from the lodge in classic hiking boots and pants. 

Whether you prefer to stay close to the main lodge or venture out to the waterfall is up to you. Fish are plentiful all along the river and you can fish at your own pace all day, every day.

Technique & Advice :

Classic salmon flies work most of the time, but we recommend that everyone try to vary the techniques. Each day has its own fetish lure.When you fly fish in Kangia, only your imagination limits your choice of fly and technique.