For the angler, facing the cold is not the easiest thing to do, get a good coat, a pair of boots and gloves to withstand these temperatures but it is worth it because the cold has benefits on our fishing sessions.

On many bodies of water, fish are easier to locate because they are grouped together and if some predators are "shy" because of their slower feeding rhythm, they feed all the same. They are even opportunistic and often take advantage of an easy bite to satisfy their needs, which is how large specimens are caught at this time of the year.

I/ The pike-perch

The pike-perch often wedged on the bottom will react if it feels attacked in its resting place where tranquillity prevails.

It is not uncommon to catch a pikeperch covered with leeches, which shows that fish stay on the bottom for a long time and become active for short periods during the day. Winter fishing is often done in a few minutes, if the angler is lucky he will meet active fish two or three times during the day and there as we are used to say: "You have to be in the right place at the right time".

The right place your experience will give you no problem after you have to be patient, vary your fishing to trigger the aggressiveness of the fish otherwise be ready when they decide to feed.

II/ Pike

The pike is certainly the best example to give: fishing for this fish in winter requires lures and a slow swim between two waters, sometimes even barely off the bottom as close as possible to obstacles (dead wood, wreckage, bridge piers, ...).

The metabolism of the pike being slowed down, it reduces its movements to the strict minimum to save its energy and undertake only a rare hunting movement on a prey of good size that can pass on its resting place.

III/ The perch

The perch is relatively active in winter, simply reduce the animation speed as for any other type of fish and add a few strokes of the sawtooth to give a "flight" effect to your lure which will trigger the attack of our little carnivore.

There you have all the cards in hand to achieve a superb winter fishing season, our predator friends just have to behave !